Solutions for Common Hair Problems

Whether you want to go long or short, straight or curly, trendy or traditional, a great cut looks best with healthy, shiny, manageable hair. We are happy to offer our customers Joico’s award-winning products and treatments to restore and maintain the health and youthful appearance of your hair.

Ask your Vivid Salon stylist any hair questions you might have – we have the solutions to help you achieve the look you want. Please contact us to schedule a free initial consultation with one of our trained stylists.

Ask the Experts

Q: If I have curly hair, should it be cut differently than straight hair?

Solution... Yes!

The texture of curly hair, whether worn straight or curly, needs to be cut and texturized to work with the wave pattern, not against it. A lot of care needs to be put into sculpting the haircut around the various curl patterns throughout the entire head of hair, which can vary dramatically.

Carving into the curls to define them by giving them shape and less bulk can create beautiful results and make curly hair much easier to manage. Joico has launched a new Smooth Cure product line for fuzzy curly hair that will amaze you.

Q: My hair is crazy in the humid summer weather... What can I do?

Solution... Humidity Blocker!

Joico has an amazing product called humidity blocker, and it is used on dry hair when you flat iron or as a finishing spray on curly or straight hair.

It creates a very slight dry film on the hair and it is completely weightless (good for use on all hair textures). The film locks out any moisture and keeps the hair in its original style, free from any frizz or wave.

Q: I have a cowlick at the front of my hairline... HELP!


Cowlicks are just a term to describe a very angular growth pattern, usually at the front hairline, causing issues with styling and getting bangs to sit nicely.

Blow-drying the hair with a fine tooth comb in the opposite direction you want them to be will help relax the wave pattern so that they will start to lay flat. This will train the hair to lie in a new direction. It is not a permanent solution, but really helps to soften the area.

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